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Bunting makes a beautiful addition to any occasion - Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, or simply to brighten up a particular room in your house or corner of your garden.


My standard bunting is made from 100% cotton fabric, and can be individually tailored to your requirements, matching colourways or themes as you choose. Bunting can also be personalised with letters or numbers to add that extra bit of charm. All my bunting is handmade with close attention to detail.


Each individual flag measures approximately 20cm in length and 16cm in width, and each metre of bunting holds approximately four flags. Bunting is completely reversible, as each flag is made from double thickness seamed fabric.

There is 25-30cm spare tie at each end of the bunting for ease of attachment in your chosen position.


My bunting is suitable for external use, although it is not recommended to leave it outside permanently, as exposure to the elements can cause fading and deterioration of the materials.


My bunting is fully machine washable at 30C, however, it is recommended to wash your bunting inside a pillow case to prevent tangling.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements - I can usually accommodate most requests!

If you already have a fabric that you wish to be made into bunting, then please contact me to discuss your wishes, and for individual pricing.


**Please note: Printed cotton fabrics can have variation in both pattern and colour intensity between areas - this is not normally noticeable, but may become more apparent after exposure to light over time.



Bunting is sold in 2.5, 5 and 10 metre lengths as standard.

    2.5m (10 flags)    £12.00

    5m    (20 flags)   £22.00

    10m   (40 flags)  £40.00

Personalisation is charged at an extra £1.00 PER letter/number.

Please note, for personalisation with an odd number of letters/numbers, an extra flag will be added (free of charge) in order to balance the design - this will add approximately 25cm extra to the length of your bunting.  


If you require an alternative length, please contact me to discuss.

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